Killer Performance

The series explores the diabolical personas of murderers who cry fake tears to manipulate the media and public in a disturbing attempt to exonerate themselves from their crimes. Killer Performance delves into chilling cases where public appearances and police interviews played host for killers Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Drew Peterson, Chacey Poynter, Stephen McDaniel and Chris Watts to feign grief in attempts to persuade the public of their innocence. Some aspects of the psychopathic mind these killers exhibited was the need to be in control, the egotistical belief that they were a step ahead of everyone else and the feeling that they were getting away with murder. During a public investigation these master manipulators are given countless opportunities to practice their evil performance. Press conferences, interviews and court appearances are all stages for the killer to control the media narrative by faking grief and spinning a web of lies.